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About Us!

"Atlanta's premier hookah service IC Hookah is a woman owned mobile hookah vendor based in the Atlanta area. IC Hookah was started because of a need for amenity type services in unique and urban settings we love and cater to all hookah connoisseurs. We offer hookah rentals, hookah catering, and nightclub hookah vendor services.  We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service, big clouds, and a smooth enjoyable puff from start to finish. We provide hookah catering, and hookah rentals to events at weddings, pool parties, nightclubs, studio sessions, baby showers, birthday parties, bbq cookouts, hotels, private homes etc. We bring the hookah lounge to you!"

Our Experience!

  • 5+ years experience providing hookah service in the Atlanta Metro Area and throughout the Southeast.

  • Provided service as well as staffed events with guest counts as finite as 50 and as infinite as 6,000+ with near perfect execution as an exclusive hookah provider.

  • Experience managing a sizeable hookah staff in a high volume environment. 

  • Extremely passionate about hookah, and enjoy providing an unforgettable experience to all hookah lovers. 

  • Stock includes over 300+ hookahs hand picked to fit the mobile and nightlife hookah service model

  • Take pride in providing excellent customer service, speed, and a quality hookah session from start to finish.

  • Experience providing service with discretion for some of Atlanta’s elite and high profile clients in both the private and public event setting.

  • Corporate background in human resources, business management, and freelance paralegal.


The owner of IC Hookah has  experience in both the corporate, and nightlife environment. She understands service from a versatile point of view, giving her the skill set necessary to adapt to various types of clientele. If given the opportunity she and her staff are confident IC Hookah will prove to be a valuable asset in your guests overall experience at your next event.

Hookah Consultant!

We offer hookah consulting to entrepreneurs, establishments, and the public at large. After years of trial and error we are sure we can save you time and money avoiding the pitfalls of operating a hookah business. We offer a wealth of knowledge in both seminars and one-on-one settings to help you reach your hookah goals. Contact us today to learn more about the typical target market, growth potential, startup costs, legal considerations, and more!


“IC Hookah Best In Atlanta.”

—  Sha Chambers, Customer

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